Fresh Kalbarri Fish

We are so lucky to be able to source our fish straight from the boats in Kalbarri!

We are so lucky to based in the beautiful West Australian town that has been renowned for its amazing fishing industry for decades. Where the water is clean and unpolluted.

Their fishing grounds stretch from the pristine waters of the Abrolhos Islands to the World Heritage Waters of Shark Bay There are no better fishing grounds in the world than these!

We are lucky enough to deal directly with the fisherman, we know when they’re planning on going fishing and when they should be back in.

Bing Pink Snapper

The fish that we serve with our fish and chips is Red Throat Emperor (Lethrinus miniatus), it has a delicately flavoured clean white flesh or Spangled Emperor (Lethrinus nebulosus) also known as north-west snapper or yellow emperor. It has a slightly sweet flavour with firm flesh.

Spangled Emperor

Other fish we source from the boats include Red Emperor (Lutjanus sebae) which are in fact not a true emperor they are actually part of the snapper family. There are healthy stocks of red emperor off our coast. Red Emperor is one of Australia’s most highly regarded eating fish, with its firm white flesh, large flack and delicate flavour.

Red Emperor

Pink snapper (Pagrus auratus) belongs to the seabream family. They are a highly sought after fish because of their excellent table qualities and they’re good looks.

Pink Snapper

West Australian Dhufish (Glaucosoma herbraicum) is endemic to Western Australia, not growing anywhere else in the world. Dhufish grow to over a metre in length and 25kg in weight.


Sunday Sessions

In addition to our local produce we are also blessed with some amazing local talent!!

Finlay’s Kalbarri is proud to support local talent and is holding regular Sunday Sessions with live music.


Open Now

Finlay’s Kalbarri has recently undergone major renovations in the kitchen!!

We have installed the best looking kitchen in Kalbarri. The kitchen is still visible for all our guests to see so you can watch your food being cooked.

We pride ourselves on providing the freshest local seafood possible. Our fish is supplied by the boats that can be seen moored in the Murchison River. Our Cockles are caught in Shark Bay and processed here in Kalbarri. Our Prawns are Western Australian, mussels are either Western or Southern Australian depending on availability.

If we can get it local we will.