Just Gav for Boxing Day

Highly respected singer and multi-instrumentalist Gavin Carvill whose great love of music saw him performing and touring from the age of 14. He has toured extensively throughout NZ and WA, performing solo, in duets and bands. Gavin has a huge repertoire covering all genres.

George Dacheff

Connecting people with beautiful melodies and poetic compositions, Indie Folk Musician George Dacheff pours her soul’s truth into music. Accompanied by her piano or guitar, alongside her distinctive folky vocals, a unique sound is birthed.
Her music has been described as ‘the haunting softness of a songbird’. Featuring raw real tales of the paths she has walked, a journey of self-discovery, a journey to the return of love and awakening of the light.

The Little Lord Street Band

Legends amongst the WA music  circuit, The Little Lord Street Band’s unique blend of indie-laden country has seen them cement a sound that works for both traditional country audiences and something more forward-thinking and alternative. As a result, they’re amongst WA’s most formidable bands.