Live Music @ Finlay’s

Since July 2018 Finlay’s has held live music every Sunday! That’s 41 Sunday Sessions to
date and many more still to come!!!

In having these Sunday Sessions not only do you get to enjoy sensational live music but we are helping support local music acts, original song writers and performers.

During these April School Holiday’s we will be providing at total of 9 live performances!!! In just two weeks!!!

We have everyone covered from kids with Left of the Line, with their easy listening country/rock music and kids show to the Little Lord Street Band who won WAM Best Country Act and winners of the 2018 WAM Song of the Year (Country), to Harry Jakamarra and Elwood Gray, with their Australiana Folk Rock And Blues.

Everyone is welcome to come down for a drink and enjoy a relaxing afternoon 🍺

Left of the Line – Kids Show & School Holiday Special

School Holiday Line Up

Sunday 14th April – Harry Jakamarra and Elwood Gray

Wednesday 17th April – Left of the Line, with a special kids show

Friday 19th April – Solitary Man

Sunday 21st April – Little Lord Street Band

Wednesday 24th April – Ian Weggler

Friday 26th April – Oscar Letelier

Sunday 28th April – Darcy Hay

Sunday Sessions

In addition to our local produce we are also blessed with some amazing local talent!!

Finlay’s Kalbarri is proud to support local talent and is holding regular Sunday Sessions with live music.



At Finlay’s we are lucky to have several commercial fishing boats operating out of town that are able to provide with a good supply of fresh local fish.

In addition we also have the Craike family who not only provide fresh local fish but also have a licence to harvest sensational cockles from the pristine waters of Shark Bay.


These pink snapper we caught last night and delivered to Finlay’s today to be filleted ready for your plate tonight!

Open Now

Finlay’s Kalbarri has recently undergone major renovations in the kitchen!!

We have installed the best looking kitchen in Kalbarri. The kitchen is still visible for all our guests to see so you can watch your food being cooked.

We pride ourselves on providing the freshest local seafood possible. Our fish is supplied by the boats that can be seen moored in the Murchison River. Our Cockles are caught in Shark Bay and processed here in Kalbarri. Our Prawns are Western Australian, mussels are either Western or Southern Australian depending on availability.

If we can get it local we will.